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About Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park spreads across Nainital and Pauri Garhwal District of Uttarakhand, India. In the map it can be found on the southern western edge of Uttarakhand. Jim Corbett National Park also known as Corbett Tiger Reserve.

An Overview of Jim Corbett National Park Timeline

  1. During British Raj in the year 1936 part of present forest of Corbett Tiger Reserve demarcated and came into existence as " Hailey National Park". This was Asia's first national park. It had area of only 323 square kilometer. Hunting was prohibited in this reserve. Although that time in nearby forest hunting after procuring required license was allowed.
  2. In 1954-1955 reserve was renamed Ramganga National Park.
  3. In 1955-1956 in honor of hunter turned conservationist "Jim Corbett" this park was renamed Jim Corbett National Park. Today this national park is famous as Jim Corbett National Park or Corbett Tiger Reserve or Corbett Park.
  4. Currently total area of Corbett Tiger Reserve is 1288 square kilometer out of which 822 is core area and 466 square kilometer is buffer area.

Talking about the beauty, atmosphere plays a very important role. With a perfect atmosphere, the beauty of the scenery increases certain folds. Here the atmosphere is also perfect. Climate here is temperate and temperature varies between 5 degree centigrade to 20 degree centigrade, which is neither high, nor too low, making it a perfect spot for tourists. Moreover, there happens some mornings when the atmosphere is a bit foggy. The scenery covered with little dukes seems amazing and can’t be ignored.
If you talk about summers, then too the temperature does not rise above 40 degree celsius which is also not so high that can’t be beared. Moreover, here are some plants and animals that can only be witnessed in summers. Here even in winters, the sky pours down mild water, and monsoon summer can have heavy rain.

Forest and Terrain

In undulating terrain of Corbett National Park, Sal and Teak are two dominant species of trees. There are more than 488 species of trees dotted across 1334 square kilometers of corbett park.

Animals in Jim Corbett National Park

There is recorded presence of rich bio diversity in Corbett Tiger Reserve. Jim Corbett National Park has 40 species of Mammals out of which Tiger, Elephant, Sloth Bear are largest mammals. Other mammals include palm Civeat Cat, Yellow Throated Martin, Otters, Crocodile, Bats , Deer, Para or Hog Deer, Sambar, Kakar or Barking Deer, Leopards, Langurs, Wild boars, Gharials . In recent years Hyena and Wild Dog has been captured in trail camera.

Corbett Tiger Reserve is a natural habitat for more than 580 species of resident and migratory birds, around 33 species of reptiles, This all bio diversity makes this place a great eco system of Terai forest.

Safari zone in Jim Corbett National Park

The Safari zone of Corbett National Park is divided into Five different safari zones.

  1. Dhikala zone: Jeep and canter both are allowed in this safari zone of Corbett National Park. Entry gate name is Dhangarghi gate.
  2. Bijrani zone: Only jeep is allowed in this safari zone. Entry gate name is Amdanda gate and this zone is closest to Ramnagar.
  3. Jhirna zone: Only jeeps are allowed in this zone. There is no big river in this zone. This is a comparatively dry zone and have lot shrubs. Apart from Tiger and Elephants this zones reports sloth bear sightings.
  4. Dhela zone: This zone has big grass land .Only jeeps are allowed in this zone.
  5. Durga Devi zone: One of the best zone to experience the magical nature of Corbett National Park. Safari routes are guarded by tall sal trees , dotted on both sides of road.

All safari zones remains open for visitors between 15th October to 15th June time although between 15th June to 15th October only Jhirna and Dhela zone remain open.
Every safari zone has some basic similarity in fauna and flora but differs in landscape view among all safari zones Dhikala is most beautiful safari zone.
There are two shifts for safari in all safari zones morning and evening. Each slot(morning or evening ) last for four hours.
After booking safari permit its occupants name cannot be changed. This permit can not be cancelled.
For the last two years elephant safari has been closed by order of the Honourable Court. Although elephants are used by forest official for routine patrolling or special operation.
Canter safari is only allowed in Dhikala Zone. To avail jeep safari of Dhikala zone one need to stay inside Dhikala zone. In case guest are staying outside the national park. They will not be eligible for jeep safari.
Jeep safari are always recommended over canter safari as jeeps cover more area of the safari zone, jeeps are 4x4 , Jeep engine makes less sound and jeep safari offers more privacy.

Weather at Jim Corbett National Park

Winter Season

  1. Between 1st October to 15th November:
    Maximum Temperature:30ºc
    Minimum Temperature:10ºc
    If it is sunny then during this time weather Morning and evening will be slightly cold and afternoon remain pleasant. In case it is cloudy it become more colder..Camouglage Casuals with Half Jacket is suggested to wear during safaris.
  2. Between 15th November to 15thMarch:
    Maximum Temperature:24ºc
    Minimum Temperature:5ºc
    Morning and Evening freezing are cold while afternoon are less cold During morning safari it is recommended to carry scarves , fleece jackets ,hand gloves, shoes, warmer.
  3. Between 15th March to 15th April:
    Maximum Temperature:30ºc
    Minimum Temperature:10ºc
    If it is sunny then during this time weather Morning and evening will be slightly cold and afternoon remain pleasant. In case it is cloudy it becomes colder..Camouglage Casuals with Half Jacket is suggested to wear during safaris.

Summer Season

Between 15th April to 15th June: Maximum Temperature:45ºc
Minimum Temperature:25ºc
No need to carry jackets or woolen clothes.

How to reach Jim Corbett National Park

(1) Nearest Airport to Jim Corbett National Park

  1. Pan Nagar Airport: For Delhi to Pantnagar only small carrier with limited frequency fly on this route.Pant Nagar Airport is around 70 kms from Ramnagar and it takes around 2 hours to travel from Pant Nagar Airport to Ramnagar.
  2. Delhi Airport: For decades Delhi Airport is most preferred airport by travelers coming to Corbett Park. Delhi Airport is around 280 kms from Ramnagar and it takes around 6-7 hours journey time by car from Delhi Airport to Ramnagar or any near by resort to Jim Corbett Park.
  3. Jolly Grant or Dehradun Airport : Ramnagar is around 205 kms from Dehradun Airport This Airport is suggested if guest are coming on a multiday tour and along with Corbett they are including Mussoorie or Haridwar or Rishikesh.

(2)By Rail

Ramnagar railway station is nearest railway station to Jim Corbett National Park. This is terminus point for all trains coming to Ramnagar.
Guest coming from West Bengal find Moradabad or Lalkuaon more convenient. From Moradabad or Lalkuam we may arrange cab.

(3) By Road(By Surface)

Ramnagar is well connected to Delhi by Road. Ramnagar is around 270 kms from Delhi by surface. In last few years many fly over has come which has reduced traffic and congestion between Delhi to Ramnagar. It is always suggested to start early in morning from Delhi and while returning reach before evening Delhi, to avoid rush hour traffic delay on weekdays.

Quick Facts About Corbett National Park

  1. No private vehicle are allowed to enter in Corbett National Park,Only 4x4 jeeps authorized by forest department are allowed to go for jeep safari
  2. Only authorized jeep driver and guide are allowed to on safaris
  3. There are options to stay inside national park as well as outside national park
  4. safari zones remain open 7 days in a week. For last few years only on Holi safari zones remain close for two days
  5. There is no age bar for members going for jeep safari or guest goint to stay inside Corbett
  6. Inside stay needs a much advance planning

From Tiger spotting chances perspective there is no good or bad season, Tiger sighting depends on movement of Big Cat in chosen safari zone